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Experience the Joy of Dance

Training dancers of all ages in the art of excellence


2-Week Intro Program for $39

Dance can be life-changing. We want to show you how. New students start in an intro program that includes two weeks of group classes for only $39. To get started, choose the right program, fill out the form, and we'll contact you to answer your questions, recommend the best program, and schedule your first class.  We can't wait to meet you!

From pre-dance classes for preschoolers to progressive programs for youth and adults, Berrend Dance Centre has a program that will challenge and inspire you.


Choose Your Program


Ages 4 to 18



Adults of all ages

What Makes
Berrend Dance Centre Special?

Individual Excellence

A culture that values individual excellence over medals or trophies. At Berrend Dance Centre, we believe in the innate potential that exists in every student. We are passionate about helping students find and strengthen the best in them.

Adult Progrsm

True adult-only classes for experienced dancers. Adults who are returning to the floor after some time away can both find programs that will build fitness and technique while reingniting the joy for ballet again.


Our community needs young leaders who bring the element of the arts into the picture.

Our program nurtures students to build habits of great leadership.

Find excellence & joy from ballet

“Wonderful dancers and very professional staff. The teachers and owner are accomplished dancers and really care about the students. As professional and hard the training is, they make it really fun for the dancers. Many of the dancers have gone on to the most esteemed dance companies: ABT, Geoffrey, Miami, etc."

- Chris D.
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