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Getting Back Into the Studio

Adult Dance Program for those who breathe and live ballet


2-Week Intro Program for $39

No more classes with children, no more classes with poor instructions or lack of corrections, and no more adults being pushed aside in ballet.

We invite experienced adult dancers to join our adult program where we encourage and challenge you to be the best dancer you can be.

New students start in an intro program that includes two weeks of group classes for only $39. To get started, fill out the form, and we'll contact you to answer your questions, recommend the best program, and schedule your first class.  We can't wait to meet you!


For our adult ballet community, Berrend Dance Centre has a program that will challenge and inspire you.


Get Started

We'll be contacting you to schedule your first class!

Find excellence & joy from ballet

“Dancing is one of the most joyful and wonderful things I have ever encountered. But it is the people who make the dance worthwhile. Berrend is a lovely place, but it is the people there, with their "THAT-was-awesomes" and "keep goings!" who make it a life-changing culture. All these things have changed my life. I am happier and healthier. I no longer need to control my anxiety with medicine. Perfection isn't possible. But excellence is."

- Adult Dancer

Our Focus

Individual Excellence

A culture that values individual progression and growth. Adult ballet dancers are some of the most committed dancers, and we believe that every adult has the potential to discover the artist within.

Adults Only

True adult-only classes in levels for experienced dancers.  Adults who are returning to the floor after some time away can find programs that will build fitness, technique, and joy for ballet.


Our community of adults is one of the main factors in the growth of individuals within our program.

When like-minded, hardworking adults come together, the results speak for themselves.

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